Molly Maroney
Professor Wolfe
ETEC 424

The first teacher resource I would like integrate into my classroom would be the classroom response system or ” Clickers”. I always liked using these when I was in school. It is way to have students answer anonymously and get instant feedback on how well they comprehended your lesson for the day. This would be a great way to wrap up the class or even a good bell ringer to get the class started. It would also be helpful for me because the grades are instant and would automatically be graded for me.

The second resource I would like to use is PowerPoint or Prezi. For me these visual aids always helped in my learning in the classroom. It is also very easy to integrate links for videos or websites into these softwares. I will most likely use some sort of PowerPoint everyday in my classroom just to help keep the class on track and have a visual aid for notes. This is also helpful to have when students miss a class. I can just give them the PowerPoint slides and what they need to know will be on there.

The last teacher resource I would like to use is is the tablets in the classroom. Although this may not be financially possible for the school, I think it would be a great way to integrate technology into learning. There are so many apps today that are education based that students and teachers can use in the classroom. Giving every child a tablet would also help to not pointing out who has the best phone, or who may not even have one at all.

In conclusion, I think using these resources would be very beneficial to any classroom. These could really help bridge the gap between the student and the teacher. As well as building relationships between students through discussion. I absolutely love the idea of using these technologies in the classroom.

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